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Can we change?
This question is on page 234 of Ray Dalio’s book, “Principles.”

Here is that paragraph:

g. Understand how much the brain can and cannot change. This

brings us to an important question: Can we change?31 We can all

learn new facts and skills, but can we also learn to change how we are

inclined to think? The answer is a qualified yes.

“I’ve changed my mind.” People say this. Usually, it means they’ve made a decision, then they have changed their decision based on new information or perhaps some change in the way they feel. This is the essence of the struggle we all face, the conflict between thinking and feeling.

The easiest illustration I can provide on how one can overpower the other is in the decision to be happy. That decision is made by thinking, and it creates a feeling of happiness. By making that choice you have effectively used the conscious mind to control (or feed) the subconscious mind. In other words, by steadfastly agreeing with yourself on that one decision, your subconscious obediently accepts that as the truth and it starts feeding back that same idea and emotion to you. When people say, “This is a win-win.” I cannot imagine a more lovely representation of that expression than making the simple decision to be happy. You can do this.

This morning, when I woke up for the fifth, sixth, or twelfth time (I wasn’t really counting.), gratitude began in earnest. Knowing all that I had ahead of me, including my next breath, a drink of water, indoor plumbing, a coffee maker, my computer, electric lights, music, and books, more stuff than I’ll ever really need, made gratitude one very long and enjoyable thought process. Gratitude is the first thing on my checklist (mine is named Diwali checklist) and the second thing is “make your bed.” Funny it seems, that I had to bring up the list to remember that second step. 

And, right down the line, following each step led to this writing. This is step 7 and ahead lies Brain Work and Exercise. After that, I’ll enjoy breakfast.

That’s all I have for now. Step 6 was reading and that helped me to get to this step. And, here we are.