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That is the noun, and the adjective is placable. If you are feeling angry, uptight, out of sorts, perhaps today’s word just doesn’t apply to you and your situation. It is my wish for you to somehow find equanimity, as I wish you peace.


In the past, I’ve been the kind of person who might take some time to cool down. With a bit of work and an attitude adjustment, I came to realize that holding that heat was akin to saying “No, I’m fine with my rage, and my elevated blood pressure, and my willingness to snap at the next person who speaks to me.” Does that sound insane to you? There were times when I actually had to try to remember what had mad me so mad, like I was just looking for a reason to stay miserable for as long as possible. Crazy, right?

If you see yourself in any of that, just ask yourself one question. What do I want to have happen next? Follow that with this one. What can I do or say to make that happen? It gets easier with practice. And, that’s just it. It is a practice. Your placability will improve as a result. At least it has for me – it has led to a higher level of equanimity. I’ve been known to say, “You can’t hurt me.” It’s not a tough guy thing. It is a knowing that my response is my responsibility. What does it mean to be placable?

Do your own research, and practice.