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What did you think of first when you saw that title? The Rancho Mirage Public Library (they have now added, “and Observatory” to their name) immediately came to my mind. They offer books on CD and for some reason, I couldn’t always get back there after checking out some of that material.

That’s not why I’m writing today. It is because I see the date of my last post and realize that if I’m going to call myself a blogger, I must post. Today, after talking to a professional blogger, I realized how far behind I truly am on my own project here.

It seems funny to me that after (way too many) years of telling an old tired story of my past I’m not more excited to share with you all of the progress I’ve recently made! If you could “zero out” your history and start anew now, would you want to do that? Could you shed the baggage of your past, photographs and memories, and simply press on with a new story? I’m doing that.

There’s little hope that I should promise here to be more consistent, but I will try to be that. Perhaps my new client will provide an excellent example of how to do this and maybe I’ll make enough changes with new progress to generate a bit of income from my content. Won’t that be nice? Let’s hope so, for both of us.