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Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

After some time spent working on an Amazon Fire TV setup, I really wanted to find a way to reboot the electronics as a last effort to restore Russian Television channels on the ETVNet. My client is a Russian lady and she wants to watch Russian Television channels and with little prior experience on the delivery system she had been using, I was stuck. If only the little remote would just put a “restart” button on the screen, I was confident this problem would simply go away. Maybe if I push a few more buttons…

A knock comes on the door and in comes the pool guy and his assistant/trainee. My Russian lady client jubilantly explains that the young man (the assistant, who says nothing) is a champion boxer from Indio. While I’m trying to figure out how any of this relates to what I’m trying to do, the pool guy goes out to the pool then comes back in, disappears, and resets a couple of circuit breakers.

Guess what! The TV, the little Amazon Firestick thing, the cable fed Intenet connection and its router, and a few other things are magically turned off by my new hero, the pool guy.

We wait for the network to come back up, ensure all is well with that by logging back into it on smartphones. Now I turn back on the TV electronics and go back to trying to make the Amazon Fire TV setup work properly and YES!

You guessed it. All is well. Just a few clicks later and we are watching Russian TV stations and my client thinks I’m the genius!

I’m good with that. Get paid and get out… Angel (my little dog) needs to take a walk and I need some fresh air, too. Another minor miracle from the powers that be. I’ll take it. Now is best.