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Because I’m nowhere near finished with this post (and, may never be….) I decided to add that phrase to the title. Brain games I play are in a book my wife bought for me. I read at least a page or two of it every day and I often win the games. It isn’t the winning that matters, however. It’s the playing of the games. I tell my clients, using a computer will help you live a better life. Learn new things, create new connections, a growing brain leads to longevity.

Yesterday, on morning express, Robin Meade reported on a new study. The essence of that story (link included below) was that if you exercise your brain, it grows stronger. Really? Please, God, help me find a way to get the money that goes into these studies! If I can show that diet and exercise are good for you, through some government or university funded study, I’m sure I’ll do it.

Yes.. Use your brain, your brain gets better. Amazing! 399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young.
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