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Image originally obtained from NASA GSFC – by James Aber, of Emporia State University


There are times when change happens so slowly, it is almost unnoticeable. Years pass and someone finally says, “Hey, things are so different now!” 

There are also times like these for people like me, who work feverishly to keep up with the constant changes in online communication, specifically, what affects search results. While I still thank Microsoft for making things so difficult for so many users (as this fact provides a steady income for me), I’m now starting to see Google in the same light.

Every change Google makes to the way it ranks content for search results results in the need for another creative way to explain how this is going to impact your potential customers’ ability to find your website when searching for your product or service. So, thanks, Google. This is the first time I can recall ever being able to use the word, “results,” twice, consecutively, in a sentence that makes sense.

And, if you’ve come this far, ah, that’s nice. So, did you make the association of the image to the topic? If so, good for you. Now, be kind and drop me a line, so I’ll know you were here. Thanks.