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1.       You simply have to do something. Either that, or remain ignorant. This means discomfort to some of us. Like, I don’t really want to put a photo of my mug on Social Media. But, it makes sense to do this and change it as necessary to represent truth in advertising. I’m not really a cute little mouse, with screwdriver in hand, so I’m going to leave my logo where it belongs, on my websites.

2.       It might take time to accomplish a worthwhile task. Take writing an article to post on my blog, for instance. Yes, I love to write. But, this had to be written, now! Thanks, Melissa Galt, for the first three things that prompted this blog post.

3.       You may have to learn something new. Great – so, now, I get to start with that feeling of inadequacy, prior to the exhilaration of a sparkling new accomplishment. Cringe, heavy sigh, bow of head, look to the ceiling, and I press on. What the heck does she mean? How do I layer my networks to enhance my Social Media visibility? More is better? Let me find out.

4.       I’m not even going to scroll down on the Twitter page, for fear of another handful of “good advice” – I’ve got enough to make me write this and I was in the middle of three other things! So, here’s the fourth great reason. Sometimes, you have to stop the daily grind, to allow you to put good advice into practice.

5.       Oh, great! I couldn’t resist the scroll down and now she’s telling me to take a break. So, this one has all four of the above great reasons. Something I have to do, that will take some time, will definitely be something new, and I have to stop the daily grind. She may be right.