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Page 75, of Rolling Stone “Special Collectors Edition” – Bob Dylan, 40 years of Rolling Stone Interviews.

That’s one huge title. In this article, he’s talking about living in an entirely different world.” There isn’t a whole lot more to say on this subject, for me. Simply put, I admire the obvious realization that no two days are the same. So, each performance by Bob Dylan was an original.

My interest in Bob Dylan was piqued by something I heard him say on television. The gist of it was that he could not possibly write today in the same way he had written in the past. My vague recollection is that he said something like: “Try to write that.” I took that to mean that some of his writing was divine inspiration. You cannot just crank out good songs, great lyrics, poetry that can be set to music. Some of this good stuff just flows through you.

I wish I had more to say. That is all.