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Wanting to find an article written by my friend, fellow Toastmaster, and business associate, Meilani MacDonald; I searched – “G+ Meilani Tots” and found exactly what I needed!

The breakdown goes like this: 

1) First the classifications;

  • Although I have several friends, you have to be a Google Apps user (including Gmail), to be found in this circle.
  • Although I have at least a dozen fellow Toastmasters, again, you have to be a Google Apps user, to be included in this circle.
  • You may have guessed by now, I have several business associates, and, yes, you have to be a Google Apps user, if I am to include you in this circle.

2) Then the search criteria;

  • G+ refers to Google Plus, which is what the circles are all about, in the classifications above.
  • Meilani can teach you all you need to know about Google Plus – she does this for a living.
  • Tots is the name of her little doggie, who is often included in the stuff she posts, to be enjoyed by the people in her circles.

Why do I wish I had thought of this sooner? Because, by including G+ in my search term, it filters the results in a very meaningful way! The first seven of the top results had content that was an exact match for my needs.

Conclusion: If you are a G+ user, searching for content from someone in your circles, add those two characters to the search to get results that match what you were hoping to find.