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This is rare. I’m actually planning to write a post for my blog. Almost never is how often I plan my writing. Usually, I just launch my browser, log into either rouleywrites, or and start typing. My jaded thinking compels me to “just do it” and then fix it as I go along.

Today, I actually consulted my own eBook, entitled; “Ridiculously Simple Topics for Bloggers.” There I found the topic of “television”, then recalled that I had already posted on Facebook today about Tavi Geninson (see below for details). It was more of a rant, about how New York magazine completely distorted the image of a pretty face. All of this came after watching a segment of Sunday Morning on CBS – a weekly ritual for Margaret and me.

In that same eBook, there is an article about something I posted having to do with that same CBS program. In fact, I can recall several blog posts that are about topics raised on Sunday Morning. One of them is one of my favorite quotes: “When you write, you go to heaven.” As I hope that’s true, although it was spoken (by Ted Danson, speaking to his wife) about writing music.

So, here we are. I’ve written this piece, with just a bare modicum of planning. Writing this in Word, now I have to copy and paste in into my blog and I’ll still have to fix it. It needs an image and some links, so there’s some post-production work to be done now….

Sometimes, I know what I am trying to say. This might not be one of those times.