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“212 Blog Post Ideas” – That’s the title on a link I just clicked. Clicking it drops me on a landing page where, guess what? They want my email address and then I will be able to download the file with two-hundred-twelve things I might consider before writing my next blog post.

Well, this is my next blog post and I can tell you I did not download that file. Who has time for 212 anything anymore? Seriously, if someone is giving me more than a dozen new things I am to consider, I seriously consider skipping it altogether. Depending on what they are offering and how much I think I do or don’t need whatever that is, anything more than a handful may be too many.
Pausing to go through some of my bookmarks to see how many things have a number of things I’m to get from the pages….

Looking in just the first two bookmarks folders I’ve created, I find:
•    Ten basic android terminal commands….
•    10 ways to make your content more fun….
•    7 Old post revival techniques….
•    54 Things Everyone Needs To Know How….
•    63 Blogging Tools That Will Make You Insanely Productive….
•    10 Effective Steps to Amazingly Inspirational Writing….
•    100+ Blog Post Title Templates That Grabs Attention….

I could have made each of those lines live links, to prove they are real, but I won’t. You can select any one of those lines and Google that text for yourself. You’ll find many things to consider. Insanely productive I will not be, if I spend the time it takes to go through 63 Blogging Tools. Or, maybe I’m wrong and I’ll look at the first few, to see why I am not insane.

So, I’ll never have time to get through all of the stuff I’ve saved that supposed to make me better at what I’m doing right here! Do you create content that has numbers of things people are supposed to do? Are you one of the many consumers of this content?

Comments, please.

And, thank you.