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Things you happen to find while searching for answers sometimes provide great fodder for an article on this topic. This is one of those.

While reading through material on SEO and content marketing (one and the same, these days), I came upon this question: “Does your blog matter?” That’s not verbatim, but it was the import. Maybe the question was more like: “Is your blog useful?” Whatever it was, it gave me pause.

“Ouch!”, was my first response.
“I doubt it.”, was my second thought.
Then, I remembered a couple of comments, where people said they liked (or found an answer in) one or two of my posts. So, maybe there is some value here.

Here’s one thing I found today. Later, I’ll post updates to this, with links to that first article I mentioned. 

OK, it’s later and I could not find the original article. Here’s one that explores the topic:

This I found while looking for a way to disable comments on WordPress sites. The author of a plugin built for exactly this purpose is named, Samir. Here is his website: – which I like, because of its minimalistic nature.

I’m pretty sure “Mamihlapinatapai” will not be the word of the day anytime soon at Toastmasters. But it is nice to know there’s a word for, “having a moment.”

Now, back to that question. Is there something useful in this blog. Going one level deeper, does or will my life serve a purpose? How will I know if I ever get to the point where I’ve done all I was intended to do – having accomplished everything that was in the “grand plan” for me?

I know not the answer. So, I’ll continue to explore the questions. Thanks for reading me. 

Feel free to comment.