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One of the many features of a typical Sunday with Margaret is that we watch CBS Sunday Morning, together – well, kind of together! Neither of us seems capable of escaping work mode these days and we work at home on our computers, while we watch and listen, and often break away completely from our separate rooms, to come into the living room to watch a particularly interesting segment. There are some sad points in those sentences, but, somehow, it still works.

Interesting segments this week include this one on Mike Meyers. Sometimes, seeing someone else’s pain helps me to see mine in a whole new light. If you read through the interview, you’ll come to the part where he is unable to accept the loss of his father. Juxtapose that with a man who lost his father through divorce before he knew the meaning of words. That would be me, if I have to spell it out.

The upside is this; Mike meets Shep Gordon, who becomes something of a savior to him. This started me thinking that it might be nice if more people had the opportunity to meet someone who can help them work through the pain of loss. That it had never occurred to me to look for this “someone” is interesting, at the very least.

That’s all I’m willing to share at the moment. But, I wanted to get this down on paper (or up in the ether) before I forgot about it. Perhaps I’ll return to this topic at a later date.