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Have I mentioned that we see lots of movies? Today, it was “Chef.” Jon Favreau writes and directs this story about a man commited to the art of cooking, and his relationship with his son. It’s just good fun. Go see it. The music is wonderful. The story is simple. 

In many ways, this movie answers the question; “what can Twitter do for my business?” You might be surprised by the illustration of the digital divide that still exists. Social Media today deepens the impact of that disparity. If you are not in tune with Fb, Tw, and G+, you might be missing something. If you are in business and not in tune, you are missing quite a lot!

Enough said about those things, let’s move on. After the movie, we go upstairs to the food court for a bite to eat – this is Westfield mall in Palm Desert. Then, Margaret goes shopping (I tracked her in about two minutes to the shoe department at Macy’s) and I go to the bookstore – Barnes and Noble. There, I peruse a few books, then check out the latest issue of Forbes, which I purchase in the end, as I have more to read there. 

I posted a little something on Fb, related to something I read at B&N, having to do with math. Now, I’m working on backing up my main home computer, before I rebuild it. I suspect I am infected and performance has slowed, so I’m just going to bite the bullet and suffer through the pain of renewal.

That’s all for now. I work nonstop. Margaret watches videos online, with the TV tuned to murder and mayhem programming. Such are Sundays.