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Today I cried – I was laughing so hard, I thought I might not stop! But then, I would have missed the rest of the movie, “The Other Woman” – which stars, Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton. Leslie Mann creates a scene that is so incredibly funny – it made me happy to realize I had some napkins handy to dry my tears! 

Later, while discussing her talent with Margaret, I said I was reminded of scenes from “Blue Jasmine”, where Cate Blanchett was so convincing in her angst, that I simply found myself in awe of one person’s ability to completely convince me of their dedication to the role of acting. Did that make sense? I’m saying, she was so good, I found myself admiring the actress and at times, losing my place in the story as a result. Fascinating, would you agree?

This picture and the actors in it are not likely to be nominated for awards, but I’m happy to recommend you go see this one. It’s kind of corny in some places and is definitely a “woman power” kind of bonding thing, but I liked it a lot.

And, I’ll now be looking forward to anything that includes Leslie Mann – she has a new fan.