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Alone again, I’m left to my own devices. This glaring screen in front of me seems so empty, is it a metaphor for my life at present? Or, am I so busy with so many things (none of which fill the void), that I cannot see this is my best medicine?
Who cares? That’s always a good question. I must. Because I have two dogs (I almost wrote, “three dogs” just then). And, I have many people who count on my being there for them, should they need to call for help with these infernal contraptions (computers)! 
So, communicate I will, as it forces me to organize my thoughts. Organized thoughts are better than the random ridiculousness that goes on in my grey matter. Fifty shades of, “Oy!” – I should write that – a compendium of angst, anger, bitterness, frustration, heroism, joy, study, reflection; now I’m wondering if I can come up with 42 more words to express the confusion I know so well.
It may be said that I didn’t do anything to be labeled as at fault for this situation. But, the things I didn’t do and have not done have been the cause. 
Everybody says, you need a plan, you have to set goals. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start writing my business plan, again. I may even set some goals for when it should be complete. Yeah, that will help. Add a little pressure to an already difficult, nearly untenable, condition. That’s a great idea.