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Cover Image from AmazonThe Past
PRAISE – “A noted editor once noticed a particularly fine achievement by a friend, also an editor. He thought he would write immediately a letter of congratulation to his 
friend. But he didn’t. There was a day or two of delay, and then he said to himself, ‘Oh pshaw! He will get hundreds of other notes about it, so I shall not bother him with 
mine.’ Then he met his friend and told him how it happened that he failed to send his letter of commendation. ‘How many do you think I did receive?’ asked the friend. The 
editor guessed many scores. But the real answer was, ‘Not one.’” (John T. Faris)
From Leaves of Gold; Edited by Clyde Francis Lytle, Revised Edition, Copyright 1948, Published by The Coslett Publishing Company
The Present
Today I will write and send uplifting messages to more than one person.
The Future
From now on, I’ll be open to the likelihood that there are many opportunities to praise and I shall do so.