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The Past:
“Do not mistake acquirement of mere knowledge for power.  Like food, these things must be digested and assimilated to become life or force.  Learning is not wisdom; knowledge is not necessarily vital energy.  The student who has to cram through a school or a college course, who has made himself merely a receptacle for the teacher’s thoughts and ideas, is not educated; he has not gained much.  He is a reservoir, not a fountain.  One retains, the other gives forth.  Unless his knowledge is converted into wisdom, into faculty, it will become stagnant like still water.—J. E. Dinger (Lyte, Clyde Francis., ed. Leaves of Gold. Coslett Publishing, 1948. pg 59)
The Present:
With nearly 30 years of experience helping people with computers, I still cannot tell you how you got that virus. Wisdom is the ability to inject humor into the situation with: “I would have had to have been watching your every move, to know what you did to get that bug.”
The Future: