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Movie Trailer on YouTubeAfter seeing the trailer for, “Welcome To Yesterday” at the theater today, I thought about why the subject of time travel can be used again and again as the subject of a new movie. It’s obvious, I know. The answer, for me, is; it must be technology!

As technology (and its availability) improves, so does the time travel experience improve for the viewer and the movie-maker. Just watch the trailer and it becomes clear that technology and special effects drive a movie like this.

If you do have access to time travel, there is always that same danger – that your actions will alter things in an unfavorable way. This movie is no different, as that is the rub.

If you want to see a time travel movie that didn’t make a big splash at the theaters, check out “Source Code”. It’s theme is similar to “Ground Hog Day” in that the main character learns something with each iteration, but that’s all I’m willing to say, as I don’t want to spoil it for you.

For something lighter and a bit more fun, check out, “Safety Not Guaranteed”. You won’t believe the ending….