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It’s been one heck of a morning, so far. If I had eaten the bread, things might already be going better! Now, I don’t know how to get back, I don’t know how I got here, AND I’m hungry.

So, another blog post, I suppose, makes sense to a (getting thinner for ridiculous reasons) famished writer. This will simply attest to the nothingness that sometimes fills the void.

I must have stumbled upon that from Twitter. It’s the first tab open in my browser after the Twitter tab, so I’m guessing. From there, I clicked on the link From Demian Farnworth: Here’s How Jon Morrow Writes and there we are (or were).

This phrase: “when he published a guest article on Penelope Trunk’s blog.” – leads me to research Penelope Trunk, where I find she hates Tim Ferriss. Hate being such a passionate thing, I’m drawn in.

Our journey (OK, yes, I mean my meandering wander) ends here. As I have read as much as I’m willing to read of the “Look Inside” bit of Amazon’s Kindle version of this book. I must eat something now and do something productive.