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Thank you, Dominique. If you don’t know Dom, ask me for an introduction. She and I both like the movie, Blade Runner. As a result of our conversation about movies, she recommended the movie title of this post.

Tonight, I saw Jeff Daniels and Mia Farrow and Danny Aielo is a wonderful performance of a lovely fantasy. Funny thing is, it struck me as having a strange resemblance to “Nights of Cabiria” – another of a few movies I’ve seen a few times. I’ll probably have to see that again, soon, to see if I’m right.

In any case, Mia Farrow certainly impresses with her skills as an actress. I completely believed her genuine love of the movies and the characters from the movies. She has that naïveté that is so endearing and I bought it. What a great role for Jeff Daniels – although he is a scoundrel in the end.

This may be the only time I’ve heard a character in the movies say something like; “It only happens in the movies.” I’m paraphrasing, but I did enjoy the irony. The Purple Rose of Cairo is a fine movie, and reminds me of just how clever Woody Allen can be.

Entertaining start to finish, with predictable results, this was most enjoyable. Still, I recommend Fellini’s Nights of Cabiria – if you haven’t seen it, you might want to have a look.