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Which would you report first? How absolutely wonderful is Audrey Hepburn in this role, or, how is it that a movie can be so nearly perfect you will see it again, for the first time? That’s what happened yesterday. 

Years ago, Margaret shared this moving with me – probably long before the age of Netflix. Probably this was also several hundred movies earlier, too. Has anyone invented a way to keep time in terms of number of movies they’ve seen? If so, I’m getting older faster, I think.

That was some random thinking, I’ll admit. “You have my permission to withdraw.”

That famous line is spoken several times by our “Princess Ann” (a.ka. Anya Smith) in this movie. I should like to include that line in my repertoire, as a polite way of asking a person or people to leave the room. 

Watching the trailer for Roman Holiday is also a hoot. It’s the Gayest Spree A Girl Ever Had!

Logically, I’ll have to assume you’ve seen this one. If not, do.