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Three things I am grateful for; my wife thinks I’m pretty smart, my dogs provide unconditional love (they don’t care if I’m goofy or geeky), my friends think I’m funny (sometimes). And, I mean funny, ha-ha, as opposed to funny, peculiar. If they only knew!

As I write, Randy is at my feet chewing up his favorite toy. Angel is probably in mommy’s closet, feeling a bit insecure since mommy is not home, and Rocky; he pretty much marches to his own drummer. He’s blind and gets up every once in a while is search of cooler tiles to comfort him. We’ve had him since 2002, so he’s getting up there in years. He seemed like a puppy with his exuberance, when we brought him home from San Rafael – he’s a Marin County boy and not stuck up at all about it!

He wears a diaper, too. I had the pleasure of reporting to mommy that he has had a dry diaper since she left. So, I must have the timing just right on the doorman work I do around here.

That’s all for now. Day two is nearly in the bag. Just a couple more things to write and I’m done!