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The saga begins and day one was not stellar, but I’ve lived right up to this point, so it was not a total loss.

I’m writing, which is good, because it is always one of the answers to the question; “what makes you happy?” I’ll check the style guide later on that punctuation. Yes, that’s just me!

Not so long ago, it might have been yesterday, or last weekend – I’ve forgotten, now – I promised to do three things each night before bedtime. Oh, that’s right, I got it from a video created by a successful blogger. I probably already shared it on Fb or Tw, so I won’t go search it out right now.

Man, it’s hard to write well with a dog on your lap! Let’s see if I can get a picture. Yep, I did. Not only did I get a picture with Randy on my lap, I took a second one with Margaret on the phone and sent it to her in a message! I’m getting pretty good with this high tech communications stuff. OK, that’s all for now.