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If you only knew me, you’d know this word carries some weight with me. Now I use it to describe something that is truly wonderful, like endive stuffed with fig butter, a mixture of nuts, and a wine reduction. This ridiculously scrumptious delight was created by Mandy Calvano, one of our good friends, one of our bowling buddies, new President of ACT I. The fig butter was made by Lisa Stevens, from figs grown on a tree right outside the window of the room I’m in now, as I write this. Nice, huh?

Ridiculous also describes how I sometimes feel when I’m writing this late at night. Less than an hour ago, I was nodding off in front of the TV, and now I’m having trouble holding my head steady as I type. It’s a good thing my fingers know what they’re doing.

Retire to the bedroom, I must.