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Not sure of the necessity of limiting this to words only, I’ve chosen a couple of names here.

Naismith (James) is listed as a U.S. physical-education teacher and originator of basketball. Who knew?

Nabokov (Vladimir or Vladimirovich) is listed as a U.S. novelist, short-story writer, and poet, born in Russia. Now, whenever I hear his name, I think of Lolita and its message of wretchedness, which is ridiculous, since I’ve never read the story. On the other hand, the Internet can provide a pretty clear understanding of the meaning of things. You might also learn that our subject was a lepidopterist.

Thanks to, The Police, for their lyrics in “Don’t Stand So Close To Me”, which include a reference to Nabokov. This prompted me long ago to find the meaning of such things.

Naturally, I’m far more concerned with information on a writer than I could ever be with basketball.

Notice we are nearly never knowing nothing now. Nice?

Once, back in grade school, I found a sentence with the word, “had” in it many times in succession and it made sense. I’ll have to see if I can find that again. Oh, never mind.