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Billy Bob Thornton is some kind of character. Recently, he was on the radio talking about how he got Sling Blade made. If I had more of that detail, I’d share it here. I’ll have to go search it out and get back to you.

Here’s a link to part of an interview on Inside the Actors Studio from YouTube. Near the end of that clip, Billy Bob makes reference to his brother, Jimmy. No spoiler alert here, because you can see it for yourself, if you like.

Back to Sling Blade, a movie I’ve seen beginning to end, at least a few times – because I’ve memorized much of the script, it takes some effort not to say the lines along with each scene. If you do see this movie, or if you see it again, watch the last line spoken by four characters, because they each say the same thing. Again, I won’t spoil it for you here.

There’s a scene that is particularly touching and funny. Karl is discussing things with Frank and they end up talking about potted meat. This is an R rated movie, and my blog is definitely PG at best, so I won’t give you all of the details. Let me just say, this is a scene in this movie that makes me cry (every time) and I end up laughing, because old Karl has a sense of humor.

Enough said; “mmm-hmm, you gotta love them french fried potaters!”