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I just posted three things to Facebook in the last few moments. Funny how late at night and first thing in the morning are my most creative times.

I found this site and it inspired me. So, I posted a response and then posted that response on Fb.

Here it is, in case you don’t “do Facebook.”

Blogging daily is like having coffee, it just helps get your day started in the right way. Once, someone asked me, “how will I get people to subscribe to my blog?” I said; “Why not write something valuable anyway, for your own sense of accomplishment and for the pure joy of writing?” I don’t know if it makes sense for everyone, but, for me writing helps me in many ways. Most of what I write is for myself, an edification process, potentially not very interesting to a mass audience. Some of what I write probably appeals to a large audience, but they’ll have to find me to get the goods. If you think of yourself as a writer, I think you should write a blog – make up your own reasons and just do it!