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It’s rare, but I’m now able to say that being naive is sometimes beneficial. 

Due to an overwhelming response to my brief review of the subject movie, Blade Runner, I’m now spending some time considering the possibility that our protagonist may have been an android/replicant. 

Thanks to Dominique Fruchtman, I now have to review what I remember about the film and consider the evidence provided by further research. As in, this entry from Wikipedia. Deckard and his antagonist, Gaff, played by Edward James Olmos, play a game significantly different if considered in this light.

If Gaff suspected Deckard, things change. My thinking was that he was after him only because he was fostering a relationship with Rachel, who was clearly an android. This being against the law, I thought that that was the only reason Gaff had an interest. If Deckard was a replicant, then the dogged pursuit by Gaff makes more sense.

Do I really have to see this movie, to fully experience it with this new precept? Maybe I should. Poor me, I’ll have to watch my favorite movie all over again!