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OK, I made that one up, myself! It is an acronym I created for, “Yet Another Backup Article” – it was created around the time I was writing my fourth or fifth article on why people should be diligent about backing up their computer data. Go ahead, search for; “Yet Another Backup Article” – with or without the quotes and you’ll find my blog post!

Now that I’ve done my own search on the acronym, I’ve found that YABA was already in use. Sosumi!

Back to Webster’s, we find ya, yabber, and yabby. Ya is what ya think it is; an abbreviation of “you.” Yabber is perhaps an altered form of jabber, a word based on ya-speak, talk, in Gabi (Australian Aboriginal language spoken in the Maryborough district, S Queensland). Yikes, it’s sometimes tought to type entries from the dictionary! 

Yabby is a small Australian crawfish, of the genus Cherax, inhabiting streams and water holes. This word is derived from that ya-speak mentioned above, which is also called yabiji, spoken around Wimmera, Victoria.

So, there ya have it. Most of the words in the first column in the Y section are about Australian things. One more thing about acronyms for YA, from my programming education; YACC means, yet another C compiler.