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That’s how far along I am with this project. The letter T rests squarely in the position that is one quarter from the end of the alphabet. There are only six letters remaining, after I post this entry for T.

Thus, we begin. That there are two words after, “tab” which work well for this post, I’ll choose the one that appeals to me, or at least is less unappealing. Thank you for your indulgence.

Tabanid is a bloodsucking fly, where tabard is an article of clothing. Therefore, we begin with tabard. Webster says it is a loose outer garment, sleeveless or with short sleeves, esp. one worn by a know over his armor and usually emblazoned with his arms. There are two more definitions, which I’ll have to fill in later, as I am over-tired and ready to retire.

For now, this is it.


OK, I’m back at it. 

2. an official garment of a herald, emblazoned with the arms of his master. 3. a course, heavy, short coat, with or without sleeves, formerly worn outdoors.

Now, onto the letter, “U”.