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OK, this is almost fun. You have to know a bit about your platform and, of course, how to read and follow somewhat technical instructions. The blog post you are reading is on a platform called, SquareSpace. So, here, you follow these instructions. Yes, that is taking the easy way out, but sometimes, just searching for help is the right thing to do! 

If you are on WordPress, there may be a facility built into your theme. Or, you may want to install a plugin, like the one I’m using on – which I just updated, while typing this post! You may also want to simply follow the instructions provided by WordPress, if you are not squeamish about modifying code.

If you are working with the HTML on your website directly, as I do with, you’ll need a bit of code, like this:

<link rel=”shortcut icontype=”image/x-iconhref=”“>

Of course, if you need any help with getting this done on your site or sites, you are welcome to schedule time with Moushelp at Rouzell, and I’ll provide professional guidance!