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Long ago, this expression became part of my book of expressions:

A wise man speaks, because he has something to say.

A fool speaks, because he has to say something.

You decide which this post is.

If you run out of things to discuss on your blog, consider these:

  • Things happened to you today.
  • You learned something today.
  • With any luck (or effort on your part) at all, you met someone today.
  1. Today, I helped a few people with computer issues and sold a bit of my service as a web designer and SEO expert.
  2. Today, I learned that I do, indeed, remember how to spell infinitesimal!
  3. Today, I met with someone who may help me to change the direction of my future.

Any of those three would provide enough subject matter to fill a blog post. But, now I’m done.

That was easy, huh?