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Remember my, “Because It’s Easy” post? In that one, I pulled my dusty dictionary off the shelf and found the word, “ba”; then found the definition on Wiktionary to be incongruent with my Webster’s version. That was a good lesson and I’ll repeat that bit of research here.

Ba is an Egyptian concept of the soul, the spirit that lives on after death. 

Today’s word, ka, is the life force, or the spiritual entity, believed to live in the body during life and to survive it after death. The big difference between the two, according to Wikipedia, is the corporeal version of Ba, versus the more ethereal quality of Ka. 

Thanks, Google, for search – as I found this resource explaining the five parts of the Egyptian soul. Who knew? 

This is definitely one of those, “writing to learn” projects. If I run this project for a year, I’ll be through the dictionary 12 times. In a few years, I’ll be ready for Jeopardy.