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One of my friends, an associate from several networking groups, uses the word, “fabulous” quite often. When I found fabaceous in the dictionary, I was hoping it had some meaning that might contradict fabulous, so I might use it at some appropriate time to be contradictory.

Well, it doesn’t have a meaning that’s anything close to what I was hoping it would be. In fact, it means beans! Yes, that’s right. It’s just another word for leguminous, or leguminosae – like a bean.

I suppose the word beans could be used in a number of ways. As in, “he doesn’t know beans about SEO.” Or, as one of my former supervisors used to like to say, “cool beans!”, when he meant, fabulous.

So, back to our subject, that would become; “his knowledge of SEO is less than fabaceous” and “fabaceously chilly!” OK, enough of that.

Just to reiterate something I said not so long ago; be careful with “information” you get from online resources. Having just looked up, “use the word beans in a sentence”, I kid you not when I say this. On the website linked below, you’ll find a sentence that ends with, “two beans of light.” Maybe it’s just me, but I find that funny!

Beans in a sentence, on