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Taking a cheap way out here, so I’ll have to post another “F-word” later today. Using an “F-word” can be fun, after all! If you have not been following along, I’m posting a new word each day, to help me with a 30-day project; and using the alphabet approach to make it easy to find new content.

I’m still in the concept phase (although the first chapter is written, as is the outline) of my book. When I’m thinking about how I’m going to get some money behind the project, I often think of the Gates Foundation and wonder if Bill and Melinda might like my idea.

What prompted me to write about this again is something I read on thegatesnotes website. Bill is discussing a book written by Jared Diamond. That last paragraph made me laugh and I have a deep and serious appreciation for humor, especially among very cerebral people. In this case, there was even some math involved, statistics, and old age in the equation. You know I love that!

Click here and scroll to the bottom for the quote.

I was going to put the quote directly in this post, but I recently read somewhere that “click here” is still very useful. So, do it.