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This word has a few applications. As in, emulation software is what we once installed to get modern PC’s to behave like dumb terminals, when we connected them to an IBM mainframe computer. If this sounds like ancient history to you, I understand. It was about 25 years ago, now.

Emulate is also something I aspire to do, when I see someone who inspires me. For instance, from the first time I saw Les Brown delivering a motivational speech, I thought that I might like to be like that guy. Helping people get inspired and encouraging them to go out and live their dreams; to achieve anything that is possible, must be way more fun and interesting than anything I’ve done up till now.

So, now I’m in Toastmasters, honing my presentation skills, as one day I plan to emulate the greatest speakers, so I can deliver a message that makes people want to go out and change the world! 

How was that for an “e” word?

Oh, by the way, speaking of changing the world, have you heard of Screenmobile and what they are doing in Liberia, Africa? Scroll down a bit on my Facebook page, to find the picture.