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There must be hundreds or thousands of better words that qualify for the “C” entry in our alphabetical endeavors. However, there are enough meanings to this word to make it interesting and this word definitely gives me license to vent.

On TV, there is a commercial where the guys says he is spending six dollars a day for a burger and for that same price, he can get a truck. If I were saying this out loud, I would pause here for effect! 

Seriously, there is someone willing to go on television and tell us that his life is so miserable that he is willing to eat a six dollar burger every day? What does he do? Where are his parents? Who let him out? Did no one tell him that there are other foods available for lunch? Has he considered a salad, a burrito, sushi, a hot dog, or some other variation on a sandwich? Why, please someone tell me, would anyone eat a burger every day for lunch? If I drive the same truck as he does, does that suggest I suffer from the same lack of imagination?

Inquiring minds want to know.