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The hard part is deciding which of so many available words to use. And, I feel like I’m cheating, because my dictionary is somewhere else as I write this. Because purity still matters, let me go get that.

OK, here it is. “B words” begin on page 148, with “ba”, defined as an aspect of the soul, represented as a human-headed bird;  from Egyptian Religion. Wiktionary has it backwards, as they say, “represented as a bird-headed figure.” So, maybe hard copy is the way to go here….

My reference source is; Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, New Deluxe Edition, from Thunder Bay Press. So, I think I’m going to believe the definitions shown in this book, over those I find on the Internet. This opens an argument, I suppose, about the validity of online information. As in, you’d better check it, before you believe it.

The “B words” end on page 288, (abbreviations not included) with the word, “byzant” – which means; (in Romanesque Architecture) any of a number of disklike ornaments, similar in form to the classical patera, used esp. on the faces of archivolts. So now, we have to look up patera and archivolts.

Maybe we use archivolt 25 days from now, if we go around another loop of the alphabet. Oh, alright; it has something to do with a vaulted arch. Can you see it now?

Bye, because, Brian being behind brings bitter boo’s between buddies.