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When I was a kid, “look it up” meant breaking out the dictionary, or consulting the volumes of an encyclopedia for answers. Today, we have Google, Wikipedia, Answers, and probably hundreds of other online resources to find answers to our queries.

So, what? So, if you need to find a topic to feed your need to write, you now have at least a thousand fold resources at your fingertips as I did as a kid (more than 40 years ago now, if you want to know).

So, here’s the thing. I’m looking for something to write about every day. For this purpose, I could easily go back to the roots and consult the dictionary for a new word each day. If I start with a word that begins with the letter “A” and work through to “Z”, I’ll nearly fill an entire month of articles for my blog.

In that regard, let us begin with: Anachronism

As in, if you are still consulting hard copy as your only reference, you may be considered, “anachronistic.” You are, by definition, out of time.