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Would you think it strange that I miss someone I’ve never met? My wife, Margaret, tells me often about her mother. She cries, too, often, when expressing how much she misses this woman. I never did meet her and now I miss her, too!

Anger is one emotion I feel when I am frustrated by not having the writings or the stories of people I miss. If I had more of my grandmother’s articles, which were published in the West Dundee, Illinois newspapers, under the title, “Just Reminiscing”, I would treasure them, as I do the few that I have. It makes little difference to the world, but it matters to me, that her words are there in print, her memories are now all I have to enhance my memories of her.

As for my wife’s mom, I know she was a beautiful, patient, kind, diplomatic woman; valedictorian of her class, a Southern Belle, a loving mom and probably more of a simply good person than I’ll ever know. And, I’ll never know. 

If only we had had blogging and the Internet and a mission to capture their stories before they left us!

Certainly, you know these things are available to us now. What prevents us from going out and gathering these stories from all of the loving grandparents and parents that are still alive to tell us today? Nothing prevents us from doing this, except inaction. I have a plan. Join me.

Can you help? Will you support this cause? I’m not asking for money, yet.