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Closing in on bedtime, I am reflecting on a conversation I had recently about blogging. The question was posed; “How do I get subscribers to read my blog?” You might think I had a ready answer, but I did not. The best I could offer was this question: If you did not care at all about getting subscribers, would you still write the articles?

Maybe I’m just misguided. Maybe I’m a little thick in the head. Maybe I just like writing. 

But, I hadn’t thought about getting subscribers to my blog. I just assumed that if I posted useful material, stuff that people might find useful, interesting, or at least fun to read, and then, if I post links to these posts on Facebook and Twitter, people might click the link, land on my blog and read my articles. Call me presumptuous, call me a dreamer, call me crazy, or call me for help with your computers, your networking, your Social Media, your SEO, etc. Whatever you call me, or for whatever reason you call me, if it is as a result of having written and posted articles on a blog, I win.

I’m going to write this stuff anyway. You can’t stop me. I can’t help myself. I just like it.