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  1. New feedback from clients and readers.
  2. One of the best things I’ve seen on television.
  3. One more wonderful thing on the GodVine website.

It’s 8:30 AM and I’m preparing to run off and do other things. So, come back later today for the rest of the story…. (remember Paul Harvey?)

OK, it’s a bit late, but here we go. It’s just after 9 PM.

1. This week I learned that I have to do a better job at managing expectations. By that, I mean I really need to spell out in detail what certain services mean to a client and his or her computer. Also, a couple of clients have provided valuable feedback on my blogging project. Most think it’s a great idea, once I’ve had the opportunity to provide details. Many are resistant to it at the outset, as the idea of writing a blog holds little appeal on its own merits. With the addition of benefits to seniors and young people, the idea seems to make a whole lot more sense.

2. On American Idol this week, a young lady sang a song she had composed herself and it was immensely popular with the judges. Moreover, it was incredibly uplifting, with great lyrics and the singer belted it out with such commitment and emotion, it made me cry.

3. Margaret shared a link from GodVine with me and it takes you to a video of two boys singing a love song. It is also a study in two completely different levels of confidence. One boy looks down when he sings and you find yourself wishing he would raise his head. The other boy plays guitar and is having such a good time with the performance, he is so very captivating and quite proud at the end. Here’s the link, so you can have a look.