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That’s what Google says to me when I search: “brian rouley” —-

I want to say, “No. This is the REAL Brian Rouley. The guy who has been putting stuff on the web since the Internet was young. I’ve been here since before content was king, way before dominating search was a great idea.”

But, then I think, hey, the young people are the ones creating the future. They may know nothing about an OSI stack, or PSTN, or what role Ma Bell played in all of this, or even what NCSA stands for, but they still get so many things right, I guess I can let it slide that they think I might not know how to spell my own name!

Heck, I’m over the hill now. Fifty-five is on the downhill side of things, right? 

Next, a brief review of Walter Mitty. I wonder if they know who he was….