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At first, I thought it might be a good idea to teach people how to blog. Then, I came to realize that for many elderly people, this might present a challenge. So, today, the goal is to find young people (maybe honor students bound for a career in journalism?) who might listen to people who have so many details to share, then use their digital talents to record these stories for us.

It seems like everybody wins in this scenario. The older people get to enjoy the company of youngsters. Younger people gain a whole new appreciation for the relevance of their elders, where stories of real life illustrate some of the things they’ve only read about in those heavy history books. We, all of the consumers of content on the Internet, get to revel in the regaling accounts of things we know have happened as recently as “only last century”, as we enjoy a whole new growing resource for facts about who was involved in what happened when.

That’s all I’m trying to say. Investors, look me up. I’m eager to get started.