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This is something I’ll sell for a few bucks on Amazon – if all goes well. Funny thing is, as soon as I started writing the book, the frequency of new posts on my blogs dropped in a very dramatic way! So, here is my first post since the weekend.

I’ve changed the front page of this blog, by posting the introduction to my e-book, which is what this blog is all about; Blogging. Sometimes, writers run into obstacles. I’ve had a few of my own. For the most part, I’ve come to realize that I have to live up to the one great truth; “writers write”, so if I’m going to be a writer, I simply must write.

Who will read my blog? I cannot say. What I can say for sure is I’ll enjoy writing it. That will have to be enough for me, until I have a few fans. After I’ve become wildly successful and famous, people will be able to look back at these humble beginnings. I hope they’ll say; “Gee, didn’t he have great foresight!”

That’s all for now. Watch for my post that tells you the e-book is ready. It will be posted on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Good night.