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Spoiler alert: This post will seem to be completely self-serving, unless you’ve always wanted to communicate with a wider audience on any topic you deem important.

Rouzell Enterprises, D.B.A. Mousehelp, is available to help you create, host, and maintain your own weblog – commonly known as a blog. Your site will be up and running within an hour (assuming you can make decisions quickly) and you’ll have your first post live on the web after the first session.

Typical cost for the entire package – 10 hours of demonstration and hands-on instruction – is $900. For most people, sessions of one to two hours seem to work best, as the learning curve seems a bit steep during the first lesson. You take home new knowledge, complete with notes, and you work with what you’ve learned, then come back for more. It’s fun and easy, with personal instruction.

Why should you want a blog? The answers are as varied as personalities among writers.

Perhaps that is the first answer. You are a writer. That’s one of the very best reasons to have and maintain a blog. Some people just enjoy writing. For me, this is reason enough to write. And, of course, since I’ve been working with computer technology for about 30 years now, publishing my creations on the web is a natural fit for me. Are you a writer? If so, blogging is definitely for you.

You are a photographer. Sharing your beautiful images with the world is so easy, with a website or a blog. You may also use this kind of showcase to sell your creations, as one of my clients does, using smug mug.

Which leads perfectly into another reason to blog; you have something to sell. Or, maybe you just want to produce content relative to something else you are doing online, like your website, which is where you really sell your product or service.

This might open up the discussion of how blogging contributes to SEO, but that is a topic for a whole new article (to be posted later). SEO is something we do at – to help you get more attention on your website. Blog posts can be used by linking key phrases in your content to specific pages on your website. That’s all we’re going to say about this for now.

By the way, websites and blogs are technically the same thing, with a subtle difference. Websites are usually created with a much wider purpose and a weblog is intended to be a running stream of new content, produced periodically in a kind of sequential journal entry fashion. If a distinction must be made, a blog is a website, but a website is most often not a blog. Many websites include a link to a blog, in a kind of hybrid application.

In the interest of brevity, we’ll wrap up with this: Electronic Communications is the best way to get your message in front of the masses. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to get started with Electronic Communications.

One call or one email to Mousehelp at Rouzell dot com is all it takes to get started. Click any of the links on this page for more information.