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One dollar and eighty-seven cents.

If you are O. Henry, you get away with it. The first line of The Gift of the Magi is a phrase. Any reasonable spelling and grammar checker, or proofreader, would certainly call out the error. But this is no ordinary work of literature. This is from the venerable O. Henry and a story well known and well told through the years. 
Sickening it was for to me to find this book; “Tales of O. Henry” – it has been sitting on a shelf above and to the left of where I have written thousands of words for my blogs. I did finally manage to take down the hefty tome and discover this story anew.
“They are the magi.” Those words end this story. And now I have to go off and do my research, to find when and where, and who; was this author. How many great stories have I not read, and what shall I learn by studying the techniques of one of the greats.
“… with sniffles predominating.” 
How do you come up with something like that?!?