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1) There are many great people in my circles, so I could easily name three to satisfy this subject, but I won’t. I’ll count that blessing as only one of three, to leave room for two more.

2) We live in a world filled with awesome technology. It’s the kind that lets me take pictures of any beautiful thing I happen to pass by, without the need for any special camera equipment. My smart phone is always with me to record any image I may want to capture.
And, I can instantly share those photos with Facebook, Twitter, or pull them into my computer for further editing. Nice, huh? Here are some roses that were growing right in front of a parking spot.

3) I’m married to a wonderful woman.  I could fill the rest of this page with praise for her. Instead, I’ll share one of my favorite (recent) photos with you. My wife, my best friend; Margaret Rouley. Enjoy!