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Margaret and I saw this movie, with Ben Afleck and Justin Timberlake. It was merely OK. I don’t usually care to write about movies that don’t deserve a glowing review. So, I’ll just say, you might miss this one.

Movies you may have missed, that I will see again: Source Code, Safety Not Guaranteed, Molière, Sling Blade, there’s one more – I’ll have to go research it. I probably already posted something about it, so it shouldn’t take long. Yes, I did already post an article for, “The Spectacular Now.”

The links in that paragraph above are chosen based on Google’s searh results. So, if a movie completely dominates the SERPs, I post a link to the Google results. If not, you’ll get a more direct hit on a page about the movie, instead of the SERPs. And, just so you don’t have to go look up SERPs….

Lately, it seems like writing for myself is almost not enough. Then, I went to the Palm Springs Writers Guild and listened to the author of “Letters to My Husband” and she convinced me I should continue.

So, here it is. Change is hard, but life without it is pointless. More to come, as we muddle through.